JOYCE WANG is a brand focus on sustainability, which has 2 fashion lines, READY TO WEAR collection and UPCYCLING collection. Both lines are strongly shown how sustainability can get along pretty well with fashion. "Made in demand is the way JOYCE WANG insist, each design won't produce over 100 pieces, with the limit of pieces i hope people will cherish more about what they own" Joyce said.

"I started to do sustainable fashion when i was working for a denim company in BJ, all of the fabric swatches, cut sample garments, handloops, they are no longer used after 2/3 seasons, but i love them all, redesigning them became one of my happiest moment after work, no mater redesigning during the night or holidays, i never get bored, i just love it that i can create and reduce the waste at the same time, get wasted, don't waste it!" Joyce said.

The brand JOYCE WANG are known by it's eco friendly designs, which is strongly shown by the UPCYCLING collection, for this collection, all the materials from the collection are recycled from used garments, factory waste(old stock, fabric swatches...), with the design driven mindset, the UPCYCLING collection always attracts audience with it's one of a kind specialty.

The READY TO WEAR collection, JOYCE WANG is more focus on the sourcing of material and the story behind, with it's last collecting LESS IS MORE, the fabrics are from a maijority called BUYIZU in GuiZhou, organic indigo dye on traditional hand crafted cotten fabric which has zero chamical touch. With the knowledge with patterns, Joyce usually try to accomplish the idea of zero waste.